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Honeybee Class: 2 Year Old

Bumblebee Class: 2 1/2- 3 year old (late born)

Firefly Class: 3 Year Old

Dragonfly Class: Pre-K Class


The purpose of early childhood education and care is to recognize that childhood experiences are a direct correlation to a child’s success in their education process and throughout life.  Early childhood education hopes to achieve and foster a child’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development.  By achieving these goals, children, parents, and families…ultimately, our society will be strengthened.


We believe that the early years are when the foundation for a child’s life is being formed.  Children are born to learn and explore.  It is an innate characteristic.  It is our belief that they learn best by a balance of both teacher-directed and child-directed activities.  They need to have access to environments that respond to and promote individual differences, appreciation of individual capabilities, and respect regardless of a person’s health, development, economic, social status or their cultural background.


As early childhood educators, we provide and assist our students with many variables.  

Here are a few examples:


*An environment surrounded by early childhood professionals who help students develop self-confidence and the ability to make appropriate choices and decisions.


*A place that provides opportunities for meaningful relationships with both adults and children.


*A rich responsive language atmosphere that reinforces both written and verbal communication.


A high quality early childhood program can be achieved through a collaboration of partnerships between teachers, families, professionals, and the community alike.

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