As first time parents, our choice of potential preschools were very peculiar: an institute that was close to home  & offered an elite education system.  After utilizing Google (as a search method) for preschools near us, we discovered T.R.A.C.E. Academy preschool in Waipo Gentry.  A phone call was placed, and a visit was made; we met with Ms. Jo Souza and Ms. Bobbie Quiocho, who were both very friendly and professional, and all of the our questions were answered.  The Academy's curriculum as reviewed, and it left a great first impression.  Instantly, we said, "we're sending our son to T.R.A.C.E.". Our son, Branden Nakamura, Jr. (BJ), started off as a student in the Honeybee class; since then, he's shown significant growth and development.  From being a "quiet one", to full participant in his class - BJ learned many unique skills (reading, writing, comprehension, singing, and social interaction). Along with becoming involved in school activities, he's also made close friends with his classmates, whom he is still close with till today.

We highly recommend T.R.A.C.E. Academy Preschool to any/all parents.  The Academy isn't just "a school"... it truly is a community, in itself.  The best part: the T.R.A.C.E. family became OUR family.  The teachers and faculty aren't just "teachers and faculty"... we've become partners ( in terms of education and development for our son).  Never have found nourishment and nurture for our little one until we became part of T.R.A.C.E.  Trust when we say: you will not be disappointed.


The Nakamura's

Branden, Sr. ("Image") and MJ


My oldest son attended TRACE Academy back in 2016 when he turned 2. At the time I was mainly looking for a preschool that was affordable, but it also worked out that the school was close to home and work. Before his official first day, I was invited to bring him during school hours so that we could experience how the classes were conducted. The 2 year old class he was going to be a part of already finished their circle time and was in the middle of observing things in their environment outside and I remember my son jumping right in to be with the other students and participated on naming things. I could already see that he was going to love it here. When he started, he adjusted fairly quickly to his new routine. I could see his love of learning growing and he enjoyed various activities with his new friends such as circle time, painting, drawing, etc.  I loved seeing his art work and practice worksheets and seeing his writing improved. He is now a first grader and I feel that his early education at TRACE is the reason he continues to excel; throughout Kindergarten and now first grade, during this time of distance learning. I truly feel that TRACE set the foundation and love for learning.


We now have our second son attending TRACE this year, 2020, and I was excited to be able to have him attend the same preschool where his older brother went. This time around TRACE utilizes an app where the teachers upload photos and videos of the children during school so that you can also see what they are learning and how they are interacting with their classmates and I look forward to seeing them every day.  I have full confidence that he will have a memorable and fun preschool experience where he will make new friends and enjoy the various activities offered.

- Branda N.


I found T.R.A.C.E Academy through Yelp and went by the awesome reviews they already had.  I started taking my oldest to T.R.A.C.E Academy back in 2018 when he was 2, almost 3.  Now (2020) my 2 year old also attends T.R.A.C.E as well.  It has been amazing and our kids have grown so much in so many ways.  We could not be happier with the outcome and absolutely love the staff!  Thank you Jo, Bobbie, and the staff at T.R.A.C.E Academy for being a blessing in our life!

-Jason & Leiann Takaki

"Our mission is to bring the very best of early education to the children of Hawai‘i."





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